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Mazut oil, also known as Mazut M-100, is a heavy residual fuel oil derived from the refining process of crude oil. It is a low-quality fuel primarily used in industrial applications, such as power generation, heating, and ship fuel. Mazut oil is typically characterized by its high viscosity, high sulfur content, and low ignition point.


Q: What is Mazut oil?
A: Mazut oil, also referred to as Mazut M-100, is a heavy residual fuel oil that remains after the distillation process of crude oil. It is a dense, viscous liquid with a dark color and strong odor. Mazut oil is classified into different grades, such as Mazut-100, Mazut-380, and Mazut-500, based on its viscosity and other specifications.

Q: What are the common uses of Mazut oil?
A: Mazut oil is primarily used in industrial applications. It is commonly utilized as a fuel for power generation in thermal power plants or as a heating fuel in large boilers and furnaces. Additionally, Mazut oil is sometimes used as a marine fuel for ships and vessels that require heavy fuel oil.

Q: What are the characteristics of Mazut oil?
A: Mazut oil is characterized by its high viscosity, meaning it is thick and flows slowly. It has a high sulfur content, which contributes to increased emissions of sulfur dioxide when burned. The ignition point of Mazut oil is relatively low compared to other fuels, which requires careful handling and proper ignition systems.

Q: Is Mazut oil environmentally friendly?
A: Mazut oil is considered a high-polluting fuel due to its high sulfur content and emissions. The combustion of Mazut oil releases sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is a major contributor to air pollution and acid rain. Therefore, from an environmental perspective, Mazut oil is not considered environmentally friendly.
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